Growing Up in the 70’s

I come across a lot of younger people between the ages of twenty and thirty.  Between my kids who are  18, 23, 24 and their friends I get to talk to those from Generation Y…or the Millennials if you will.  Almost without question, they look back at the era I grew up in with such rose colored nostalgic glasses, that it makes me even more grateful I grew up when and how I did.

I was a latchkey kid.  My parents occasionally showed up at a game, they never checked my homework, they did not drive me anywhere unless they happened to be going there themselves and not once do I remember having a play date.  Thank-GOD!  I turned out pretty well, despite my quirks and my bumps along the road of life.  I never resented my parents for not doing these things.  (I had other reasons to resent them!!  LOL)  If anything, I didn’t want them around cramping my style and ruining my fun.

I tried to raise my kids in a similar fashion and in the process got lots of phone calls, warning me to remind my son that he needed to wear his helmet while riding his skate board…or at least put shoes on.   I told them not to worry about the helmet or shoes and if he tears up his feet,  he’ll know to wear shoes!
If he bumps his head, maybe some sense will get knocked into him.  Boy, was I unpopular with the Chaparral Elementary School hierarchy.

I stopped checking and helping with the homework by middle school, because it got too hard and convoluted.  The stuff they make kids learn in school is redundant and useless, but it does build discipline and teaches you  how to do things despite the fact you think it’s redundant and useless.  Why would I take away that ability and skill from them?  They all graduated high school.  The girls went on to higher education and finished and then kept going.  The boy, is taking his “Gap Year”, working and hopefully traveling because travel to me is the best education one can ever hope to get.

Alright.  I will get off my soap box and share the photo that is the inspiration for this post.  But first, boy did I wish I had one of these growing up!

Alas, I still loved my unisex version, so with much glee, joyfulness and happy memories of Big Wheels, bikes with banana seats and roller skates with metal wheels, I bring you this:

Here’s wishing all kids get to experience their Big Wheel moments.


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