Fashion Sense

  I just came across a couple of really cool fashion sites that feature clothes and ideas for people that don’t have the kind of money Gwyneth Paltrow does. Not that I’m bitter by reading GOOP, but seriously?  A $90.00 White T-shirt?  I happen to be wearing my favorite scoop necked Threads 4 Thought white T-shirt I got at Nordstrom Rack for $18.00, thank-you very much.  And I lived it up and bought TWO!!
  Now, with all the pretension and an unrealistic budget of famous celebrities like Paltrow out of the way, I came across this site called Penny Chic.
  The founder Shauna puts it this way.  “I simply refuse to believe there’s anything epic about making a model look chic on a $10,000 budget.  What’s more intriguing to me is the challenge of looking chic when this season’s must have Little Black Dress is no longer an option (or never was).”
  She shops Target, Walmart and JCPenny, just to name a few and comes up with designer style at pauper price.  It’s amazing!
  Here is this great girl explaining her idea: (who says the younger generation is a bunch of slackers?)  I love her!!

Another great site is Refashionista.  This site does require a knowledge of sewing, but it’s still really inspirational as Jillian refashions thrift shop finds and ugly throw away clothes into very fashionable and chic clothing.  The best part however has to be her comical BEFORE poses.

Some how she ends up looking like this:   LOVE IT!

I think a housewares and furniture site using the same philosophy would be great.  I have actually done a few things along those lines like my Orange Cabinet.   In this kind of economy, less really is more and creativity along with innovation are things that never go out of style.


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