Happy Friday Round Up

Links to all my favorite stories and articles over the past week.  These are things that made me happy and I don’t want to forget!

 I love #1.  Making my bed every day is key to feeling like I had a successful day.  It’s the idea that I had at least one accomplishment, even though it was small.  Plus, my bedroom looks nicer and Winston feels better.  (Actually he can sleep on anything and feel better.

Okay, I think I see a trend here.  I do like lists…what can I say?  But how can one resist threatening letters to the Tooth Fairy (#26), fat, over indulgent opossums (#27) and love (#18, #24 and #36)? Here’s my personal favorite….today that is….it’s always changing.

How can one resist a mischievous sloth photo bombing a group of tourists?  Answer..you can’t!
I am an unabashedly huge fan of the Spice Girls.  My daughters were just the right age when Ginger, Scary, Sporty, Baby and Posh ruled the world and I loved their positive ‘Girl Power’ message.  Spice World The Movie is a campy scream, never mind the bad reviews on IMDB.com   So, thank-you my sweet Victoria Beckham for not being too cool for the girls that got you to being a fabulous designer in your own right and half of Posh and Becks.  
So, her body language is a little off putting and she’s pouting.  She’s always doing that?  Thanks Posh!


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