Easy Succulent Planters

Succulents are the saving grace for us brown thumb types.  You just can’t kill them!  And I have tried!  Anyway, I got inspired by a recent Pinterest and thought I would make some succulent planters using aluminum soup cans.  It’s a perfect and fun way to reuse and re purpose something that would otherwise be trash.

These also make great, inexpensive teacher’s gifts, housewarming presents or birthday presents.  Just add ribbon with a bow and there ya go!  I gave my mom a trio of these and she loved them as I seemed to inherited my genetic predisposition as a plant murderer from her.

Here’s my step by step.

The soup can….or can of beans, corn, chili etc.

2. Tape off a stripe with the trusty “Blue Painter’s Tape”

3. Variations on the stripe

4. Pick a color and spray paint.  I had extra turquoise blue that just happens to match the tape~ I painted two coats and then a high clear gloss.

5. I let it dry over night.  Peeled the tape and then nailed three holes at the bottom for drainage.

6. I planted my cute little succulents using potting soil.

7. I like them!  There are so many fun things that can be done.  I like it simple however.

8.  They’re so decorative and cute.  Best of all?  They can survive anywhere.  Fun times, fun times!


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