Office Guest Room Gets a Good Purging

I’m almost embarrassed to post these pictures of my home office/bedroom.  Yikes!  I knew it looked like a mess, but sometimes until you see the living proof in a photograph, you don’t really notice, the  mess, the disorganization, the cat box sitting on my cute little white Futon!

The entire project is coming along nicely however.  With the help of Ikea and their amazing Kassett storage system, I think I finally have a place for everything.  There is also some cohesion as I got rid of all my mis matched little bins and boxes I had collected over the years.

Ugg!  Can you say 1997?

Didn’t hold much to begin with.

Just a weird little box that was in daughter #2’s bedroom since she was in the 4th grade!

It helped that I had another six boxes donated to Vietnam Vets.  I’m really learning to let go of stuff.  I have always been one to get rid of things without a second thought, but when I downsized to the Little Cinderblock House from the Big House in the Suburbs, I got a little needy.  You never know when I’m going to ‘need’ ….fill in the blank.

I feel like I finally am getting myself back and have fought of the my evil hoarding alter ego.  So, this is what it was like before I lost my mind and purged.

  The dilema was how to have a home office/guest space and cat area in about 150 square feet.  This was where a lot of the stuff ended up for a good week while I contemplated.

Winston didn’t seem to mind being displaced for a week.

The dreaded cat box

So, next up is getting the LOML to hang some shelves above my desk and to relocate the vintage map of Europe above the little white futon.  Also thinking of swapping out the black bookcase for the good old Ikea Expedites.  Stay tuned for the  reveal!


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