Vintage Building in the Middle of Los Angeles

Now, I have lived in Los Angeles my entire life.  That’s almost fifty years ladies and gentlemen.  And what I love most about this city is that there are always nooks and crannies I have never seen before.  Being so spread out, so diverse and so expansive, it’s impossible to know every neighborhood.  Today I had the pleasure of discovering a new one.
 I went to Koreatown to deliver the Tang inspired nightstand.  I’ve been to Koreatown before.   Years ago I had a nanny, who became a good friend who always invited my family to baptisms and birthday celebrations at her home.  Lots of good tamales and music is what I remember most.
So, when I saw the address of the proud new owner of the nightstand, I thought I knew where I was going.  Boy, was I wrong.  I turned down Normandy off 8th street and came upon what looked like a beautiful New York City street.  Think upper east side, but with a Hollywood twist.
The building I went in was The Langham  The lovely woman I dealt with told me some of the history of this incredible place.  Built by Al Jolson, Ronald Reagan lived there at one time.  When I read more on the website, I was delighted to see the prices!  It’s very affordable  and I could tell from the people coming and going it catered to a younger crowd.  Thank goodness there is a fun, hip historical place for young adults to call home nowadays, especially in this economy.
I immediately whipped out my crappy little iphone camera, cursing myself that I had not brought the real camera and took a few shots.  They don’t do it justice, but you can kind of get a feel for the place.
What a surprising and lovely experience to discover that places like this exist in the City of the Angels.  Makes me love her even more!
Hallways with arched ceilings and herringbone floor tiles
The lobby.  Looks like a huge Emmy or some other Hollywood award statue in the corner.  The ceilings were coffered and hand painted.
Random rod iron light fixture.
The lobby with it’s Spanish style fireplace.

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