In Progress Project File

I am slighltly ADD.  I tend to go from one project to the next before finishing the original tasks.  I do come back to it and I do ‘get her done’, it’s just a weird way I work and can be frustrating for the LOML!

He is used to my half finished make-overs, clean ups and refurbishing projects.  He is always amazed and happy, when one actually gets put in the DONE column.

I am now re-making and re-doing my entire tiny front yard.  I’ve made a lot of progress considering I’m doing it all myself and on a shoe string budget.   Here is the latest progress pictures:

The hope is the moss will grow in.

This picture was taken about a week and half ago and already the Dicondra is growing in!
Looks pretty barren. and like there is a path to nowhere!

The jasmine must go….so will the ugly brick and rod iron fence!  Can’t wait to do this!
I’m happy to find the few spots of color and beauty in this construction zone however.


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