The American Girl in Londontown

In my list of pictures I ommited a VIP.  My firstborn Caitlin.  I thought I would create a special post just about her.

This is the kid I had in October 1987.  I was twenty-five, very goofy and unsure of myself as a woman and especially as a mother.  I made most of my mistakes on this one and despite that, she turned out to be an amazing, beautiful person.  Sometimes you just get lucky.
Don’t get me wrong.  She has issues.  She’s got a wicked sense of humor, she’s slightly misanthropic…well….she’s really misanthropic, but she’s funny about it.  She cynical, smart, hard working and extremely creative and talented.

my girl

I knew she had a special artistic gift when at three years old she was drawing spot on pictures of dinosaurs and dogs.

A quick sketch she made of Henry our worried little Corgi. 

After spending a year in London getting her Master’s Degree from University College of London, she came home to Los Angeles.  Within two weeks she knew she wanted to go back.  She just felt right in that city.  Now, it’s not easy to pick up and move to the UK.  They wanted her to have money in the bank and a goal.  So she worked here for six months, saved and the moment she was granted a VISA, she booked a flight, packed her bags and was gone!

It sucked!!!  It was amazing!!  She’s living in a little flat with three English guys and a cat.  Despite the higher education, she’s working in a pub, while looking for her dream job.  She’s not above hard work and sacrifice.  I admire and adore her.  Here is my homage to Caitlin Rose.

Trafalgar Square, London UK

In Love with London

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