The Big Lebowski & Me

My all time favorite movie without a doubt is The Big Lebowski.  I love it!  I quote it!  I live it!  No, just kidding.  I don’t walk around wearing sweats, drinking White Russians and bowling every day, but I do for some reason really identify with The Dude.  Maybe it’s because I grew up in the San Fernando Valley and I know where the In N Out Burger ‘near Radford’ (but actually on Lankershim) is.  Maybe it’s because I hate the Eagles too!  Maybe it’s because I too really believe that a rug just ties a room together wonderfully.

In any case, imagine my excitement and utter disbelief when I got my monthly email from the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  The HFC is one of those truly LA landmarks.  Lots of famous Hollywood types are buried there and during the summer months, they screen classic movies on the lawns.  Yes, it sounds ghoulish, but it’s actually pretty cool and is the ultimate LA experience, since we are known to worship at the feet of our celebrities.  Why not worship their movies while sitting on their graves?  Makes sense to me!

Any who….I’m turning the big Five OH in ten days and on that day (July 28th…same day as Jackie O btw), the HFC is screening……….THE BIG LEBOWSKI!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the caps, but I just need to shout it to the rooftops!

So, I’m putting a little pre-screening party on at the Little Cinderblock House.  Maybe I’ll have an In n Out Burger come by and I’ll serve White Russians or a little Sarsaparilla

All I know, is I’m going to have the perfect birthday this year.  The Dude Abides.  Peace Out.

The official trailer from the best movie ever made!!

One of many of my favorite scenes of the the Duderino…because I am into the whole brevity thing.

He Peed on My Rug!


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