Mod Side Table Finally Finished! and For Sale!!!

I have had this little guy in my garage for almost a year.  I painted with my fabulous new sprayer only to find out that sprayer wasn’t so fabulous and everything came out thick and gunky.  Sadly this table was the guinea pig.

So after much sanding and a misguided color choice on the drawers, which I could NOT close shut all the way due to too much darn paint

I put it away in the yard under the tarp while it sat out the winter and spring.  Lonely and sad.  I never stopped thinking about it though.  I knew it was a nice piece of furniture that just needed some love.

So last week I dragged it out to the work shop, got to sanding the excess and cleaning it up.  I repainted a more sunny color.  I am obsessed with orange right now.  I decided the knobs though original, were kind of dull and looked out of place with my Tang inspired masterpiece.

Remember Tang?  If you do you are old.

Anyway,  here is the final result.  It’s been posted for sale both on Etsy and Craigslist for a mere $50.00.  Quite a bargain considering the time and effort I put into it.  But I learned a lot refurbishing this piece so, that in itself is invaluable.  Fifty bucks would just make it even better!!

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