Camping As It Should Be

Everyone who knows me, knows that my idea of camping is checking into  a Motel 6.  If God wanted us to camp, he would not have invented cushy beds and down comforters.  I have tried over the years.  Heck my son was even a Boy Scout and I was often required to attend camp outs and the like, but I never took to it. EVER.

I don’t even like motor homes….or I should say, I didn’t like motor homes, until I saw this:

Featured on Apartment Therapy today,  The Fancy Farmgirl, found this baby in it’s shabby shape, and gave her a make-over right out of a Hollywood movie!
Apparently there is an entire vintage trailer sub-culture that I have been missing out on!  Tiffany, the proud owner of Audree suggested Amy’s Vintage Trailers and now I want to buy an old beat up Pleasure Craft or Shasta and travel the country in my adorable vintage abode!  


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