Lasting Love

rolling along through life together...

Last night the LOML called me on his way home from work and announced he needed some romantic time with me.  Never one to pass up my guy and romance, I immediately perked up.  He said he wanted to go to the park, sit on a blanket, have some cheese and wine and snuggle!

We did exactly that!  We talked, we ate, we bonded.

I feel so blessed to have love like this late in life.  I’m almost 50 and I pinch myself every day that the second half of my life is going to be filled with moments like last night at the park.

I want to grow old with this man.  Here are some pictures I came across on Pinterest of Everlasting Love.  They made me smile and gave me hope for that future.  I can picture myself and the LOML doing all these things and more in our old age.

That is such a gift.

so cute...


never too late


Not quite as old, but just as in love.



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