Character Houses in LA

My friend Kelli A. who writes the blog I Had A Delicious Time recommended a fantastic Los Angeles real estate site featuring homes in the East Side, including among others Silverlake, Echo Park, Highland Park and Mt. Washington.  Soulful Abode links you to  interesting properties and includes pictures, prices and information.  The great news is, that you can find affordable housing in Los Angeles if you’re willing to look outside the box.  There is nothing I hate more than cookie cutter track houses like you find in Santa Clarita or Calabasas.  Give me a small, but character filled abode any day.  I also like neighborhoods, where I can walk and see humanity any time of day or night.  The areas featured in Soulful Abode are exactly that and more people are getting hip to the fact.

A few years ago   I featured Mt. Washington and Silverlake in a piece I wrote for Yahoo! Voices called The Top Neighborhoods in LA.

Of course my own Magnolia Park was included, but I really like Mt.Washington.  Here is a listing for a property at 2313 West Avenue 31.  Soulful Abode has more info along with pictures of this amazing house!  Here a few of my favorites.

Property Photo
Front Entrance
Property Photo
Dining Room.  Look at the ceilings!
Property Photo
Outdoor Living Space

Property Photo
What an incredible view!

Property Photo
The Steps and courtyard leading to the house.

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