Ombre Hair or Grown Out Roots? You Decide

So, this new hair color trend is everywhere.  Drew Barrymore, Jessica Alba, my daughter and all her adorable young twenty-something friends.

my lovely daughter and my silly corgi

my lovely daughter’s friend and my haughty cat 

Being the trend setter I am, I have been sporting this look for some time!  The difference between me and these young hipsters is, I’ve been doing it because I didn’t have time or money to go get my hair colored!  You will never catch me critisizing this particiular fashion trend however.  It’s perfect for my lifestyle and pocket book!  The only problem is my roots are sprouting little grey hairs that I have to pluck out with my trusty tweazers from time to time.  But this is a small price to pay so that I can have fashion forward hair.  Who knew?


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