Game Changer!!!

Well so much for white metal patio chairs and orange fabric idea I had early in the week.  Unfortunately for me Ikea is right across the street from my gym. So while I climb up numerous stairs and lift barbells I stare out the window and think of things I just have to buy over there.

Today I thought I would see if there were any cute cushions and/or fabric I could use for my white metal chairs. But instead of finding something that looked good not only with the white but with the overall color scheme of the backyard, I found perfectly sized cream colored chair cushions with little velcro straps that keeps them in place.  Priced at $6.99 each, I got out of Ikea for a little over $30.00.  Mainly because I didn’t buy any impulse items at the check out stand.

So now the chairs will be Hermes orange, which is my favorite color combined with Tiffany blue.  I figure if I can’t afford this or this, I can at least have their signature colors in my Little Cinderblock House.

I like the look so far.  At this point, I think the table will stay cream colored, but who knows?  That is the beauty of paint.  You can always spray over it.

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