That 70’s Chair

While driving through my hood  one day, I came across this amazing chair in the alley.  Despite the sagging and flat cushions, it still was so sunny and happy looking.
With great effort I put this huge, heavy piece of furniture in my little Prius and off we went.
I didn’t have any room for it, but I just couldn’t let it go.  When I took it home, I found that I had a SCORE!
This was a Barker Bros chair.  Barker Bros was founded in 1881, went out of business in 1992 and was a staple of all m y childhood house memories.  It seems everyone had a Barker Bros couch, chair, etc.  This baby had the tag on  the cushion.  Sold in 1975, it’s price was a whopping $790.00! In 1975 prices, that’s about a $1500 chair.
I had the cushion stuffed for $25.00I painted the legs to match.
And here is the final result!  Since I couldn’t keep it, I listed it on Craigslist and sold this lovely chair for $250.00!!!  Hurray for profits and capitalism!!!

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