Trash? I Do Not Think So!

I am always amazed at what people leave on the side of the road or in the alley behind their house.  Of course I’m sure I have left some things out that could be considered treasure by some, but seriously?  Who would possibly throw this adorable little guy out?

This piece just needed a makeover.  The seventies look wasn’t working for it anymore, so like those reality shows where they take average looking women and make them look fabulous (What Not To Wear is my personal favorite….Carson makes me weak in the knees), I decided to bring out the beauty that was within in this piece.

Here is this ugly duckling all decked out in a new swan look!

A little paint, a lot of sanding and some elbow grease on the beautiful brass pulls is all it took to transform trash to treasure.

Alas, I decided to Craigslist him.  He now lives in a beautiful ocean view home in Newport Beach!  I’m a little jealous, but I think he’ll fit right into his new upscale digs.

(yes, I think furniture is people>…


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