Industrial Metal Cabinet Goes From Gross to Groovy

The LOML had this crusty,  ugly old metal cabinet he had hanging in his former resident. I spotted the quality and insisted he not throw it in the alley for pickers to seize!

Admittedly it sat in the back yard for a tad too long, but I had to be inspired on how to re-purpose this baby.Then I saw this in my CB2 catalog at the incredibly out of my price range price of $399.00

Then I saw this Ikea piece, which was a little better at $99.00. However since I already had my blank, albeit ugly canvas, why buy something else?

And here is the big reveal!

I love the way it turned out. I considered selling it on Craigslist and listed it for $100.00. I had so many inquiries, but I changed my mind and decided to keep it.
Best of all…it’s on wheels, so I can roll it all over the backyard of my Little Cinder Block house!

So here it is in it’s new home.  I also can store garden supplies and tools in it.  I love it!


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