My Man

A lot of people ask me, “how did you meet the man you love so much?”.  I always answer that I met him twice.  Once in 1980, once in 2010.

First time was in the dark room at Burbank High School.  We would pass each other through different periods.   In a dark room, there is a  safe room where no light can come in from the outside.  You can kind of make out all over the place if you want to…and we wanted to. 🙂

This was the place our pheromones met.  The LOML (love of my life) and I  would kiss and not speak.  The chemical attraction was so strong, whenever we were near each other we sensed it and we were goners!  Even in our late 40’s.

Burbank High School 1980 Senior Prom

me and him then

 Can you see how cute/hot/amazing he was in 1979?  OMG my heart was all a twitter before Twitter was cool!  ( I loved that dress that I got a Montgomery Ward in Eagle Rock, California..  My mom still has it!)

Random Day 2011…(I like him!)

me and him now
Here we are about 30 year out and I still get excited, happy and amazed my good fortune.  When he walks in the door, my life is  complete.

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